6 Costs that Come With Selling a House in Charleston, SC

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It’s normal for people to get overly excited about the money they will receive when they consider selling their homes. Most people, however, don’t take the time to consider the actual costs they will incur. After all, you are selling your home, so why should that require you to spend money?

Selling a home already involves a lot of hassle, but money also plays an important role. To avoid being surprised by all the expenses associated with selling a house in Charleston, you want to know all the costs involved.

How you go about selling your home greatly influences how much money you’ll spend on it. Most people hire a real estate agent to help them buy or sell a house, and it must be the best option if everyone does it, right? You should be aware, however, that working with a realtor comes with numerous fees and expenses.

The Realtor’s Commission

A real estate agent’s commission (usually around 3-6% of the sale’s price) is one of the most expensive costs when selling a home. Agents may be able to negotiate this commission rate in some cases. However, if you work with an experienced realtor, you are unlikely to avoid it.  

Closing Costs

Homeowners must also pay closing costs when selling a home through an agent, ranging from 3 to 7% of the final sale price. Several charges are associated with this, including taxes, paperwork, fees, and insurance. Due to the unpredictable nature of these costs, you may start to wonder if your sale will be profitable.

Repairs & Improvements

You can increase the value of your home by making repairs and improvements to it, even if they aren’t necessary. Repairing a house can quickly become a considerable expense when replacing the roof, painting it, or fixing the infrastructure. 

Pre-Sale Home Inspection

If you don’t know which improvements your home needs, you’ll most likely need a professional inspection. During the inspection, the inspector will advise you if any issues or problems need to be addressed. As a result, you’ll need to pay for the cost of the inspection and any repairs necessary. 

Home Staging

A staged house makes prospective buyers feel at home and is proven to sell homes more quickly. However, making your house “open house worthy” most likely entails hiring a cleaning company and renting or buying furniture. Just the thought of having to hire those services probably adds more dollar signs to your mind. 

Lawyer Fees

Although lawyers are not mandatory when selling a home in SC, some homeowners feel compelled to hire one for their legal guidance. It is especially important when a home’s legal status isn’t resolved. Nevertheless, this is an additional cost you will have to pay.

Avoid Any Additional Costs or Fees with Favor Home Solutions

If learning about all the expenses involved in selling your house has already given you a headache, we are here to help. With Favor Home Solutions, you don’t have to worry about agent commissions, closing expenses, repairing or staging your home, or even lawyer fees. The best part is that we buy houses as-is, without fees, commissions, or hassles. 

Don’t stress yourself out when you need to sell my house fast in Charleston, SC. We can provide you with a no-obligation cash offer and close the deal in as little as 14 days. Contact us today!


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