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We LOVE providing win-win solutions to homeowners in Tri-Cities, TN!! We don’t just buy houses… we help people!! We do what’s right and best for families first!

Why Pick Us?

 The better question is “Why Not Pick Us!” We’re a reputable BBB Accredited business with 5 star ratings on Google & Facebook and have numerous testimony videos from REAL folks who have sold their property to us (so you can tell that we’re actually real human beings and not just a couple of random dudes taking advantage of people on the internet!!)

we buy houses in the tri cities TN!

Caleb Luketic


Caleb Luketic, Owner and CEO of Favor Home Solutions, is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but moved to the Nashville, Tennessee, area in 2010 with his family. He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Journalism to cover sporting events for a living… until he found the second love of his life: real estate (only second behind his first love, his beautiful wife, Murphy).

Caleb is a sports nut, so covering sporting events for a living was a dream come true. However, it left Caleb feeling empty because he just sat behind a computer and felt as if he wasn’t really making a difference in the lives of those around him.

But now, Caleb absolutely loves getting to impact people in his local community by buying and selling houses. What Caleb lives for is getting to help those who need to sell a burdensome property or helping those buy a house that really need a place to live because they’re in a pickle. Caleb truly loves helping people, and if you spend any time around him, you’ll pick up on one thing: he treats everyone the way he wants to be treated. It’s a company motto around here (the Golden Rule, if you will).
Caleb and his wife Murphy, his first love, have two daughters and absolutely love the outdoors!


We promise to always be fair, to never ever ever take advantage of the misfortunes of others, and to do everything in our power to structure a win-win transaction for everyone that is involved.

Remember, this is why our CEO decided to leave his career path and go into real estate full-time: because he wanted to make an impact and a difference in the lives of the people around him. Because of this, we do NOT take advantage of others. Instead, we are a beacon of hope, a helping hand to those who have had an unfortunate or unfair circumstance thrust upon them.

You can always count on us to be fairhonest, and always do our best to find the right solution for you and your family. Just give us a call… you’ll see the Favor Home Solutions difference 🙂

Meet The Favor Home Solutions Team!

The Favor Home Solutions Team

When you sell your house in Tri-Cities. TN, to us here at Favor Home Solutions, you never have to CLEAN or make REPAIRS to your home! It can be an enormous task to replace your carpets, pay for a dumpster and load it with all of your unwanted items, and everything else in between.

Take whatever belongings or items you want, and we’ll dispose of the rest so you don’t have to worry about it.

Junk in the attic or garage, old furniture, piles of trash inside or outside, broken floors, dirty carpet?


We’ve seen it all from hoarders’ houses to ones that are falling apart because they need expensive structural repairs… long story short: we aren’t here to judge, we’re here to help! Our home selling process is designed to make your life easy & STRESS FREE!!


It’s imperative that any service provider can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are reliable, credible, and, most of all, competent. Let’s be real for a second. It’s pretty darn easy to come across as ‘credible’ with doctored/fake reviews. Not too much effort is needed to do this. We don’t put all of our effort into ‘tricking’ you into thinking we’re all that and a bag of chips. Instead, we decided to be ourselves: natural, funny, honest, and kind.

This all comes back to our Golden Rule as a company: Treat others the way you want to be treated. We believe that people experience that Golden Rule of ours through ACTION… meaning that the way we act, communicate, speak, and treat you will always reflect what we believe.

If you want to see some real-life examples of folks we’ve helped, go check out our testimonies/reviews page.

People Love Us, And So Will You

Caleb Luketic


Caleb is our CEO — our visionary and our leader. He gets to do all of the fun stuff (like taxes 🤣!) But on a more serious note, he takes care of all big picture items, day-to-day operations, and making sure things are running smoothly. He calls the shots and has the final say on the houses we purchase.

Grethel Alvir

(Marketing Director)

Grethel is our marketing superstar! As our marketing director, she ensures that people who need to sell a house can find us through our marketing campaigns and systems.

Katy Pacheco

(Content Coordinator)

Katy is our content guru! She ensures that we comply with SEO standards for the best ranking results and aligns our content with our brand voice across all platforms.

Jonathan Stogsdill

(Acquisition Manager)

Jonathan is the one showing up at your front door! He communicates with sellers face-to-face,  and structures the best possible solution to solve your real estate problems; all with a smile!

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