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We are one of the most respected and well-known home buyers in the area. If you want to skip the fees and hassle of selling a house with a real estate company then give us a call at (423) 788-8063. Our team of professionals is ready to make you a cash offer in less than 24 hours!

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You can sell your house in just a few hours. There is no obligation to accept our offer, but if you do accept it, you can have cash in your hands in less than ten days. Our financing periods are much shorter than other traditional methods of financing to guarantee a fast and convenient process.

All we need to know to make you a cash offer is some basic information about your property. Our offer is based on what kind of repairs need to be done and what the home values in the surrounding neighborhood are. Sell your house fast for cash today!

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No matter what kind of situation you are in, we are here to help. We can buy your house fast for cash even if it is damaged or in need of repairs. 

Is your house in bad condition or facing foreclosure? Protect your credit by calling us and letting us do the work for you. 

We pay for all closing costs and we charge no commission or agent fees.  

We buy houses because we actually want to help families. Our fair cash offers are meant to get you back on your feet- that’s why we don’t make low-ball offers! Call us at (423) 788-8063 to sell fast for cash!

Sell My House As-Is

Favor Home Solutions can help you sell your house fast for cash. We will make an offer on your house exactly as is, so you don’t need to make repairs or clean to sell.  

It's Simple As 1 2 3!

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Fill out the information in our short online form so that we can learn a bit more about the house.

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We will set a time to come view the house in person or do a virtual showing to provide a cash offer.

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Once we come to a meeting of the minds, you get to choose the closing date & avoid Foreclosure!!

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Sell Your Damaged House Fast For Cash In The Tri-Cities

What We Look At When We Make An Offer On Damaged House In The Tri-Cities


We make fair cash offers for properties by looking at the home value of the property and the house values in the neighborhood. The overall condition and what repairs will be needed to resell the house will all be factored into the offer we make you to buy your house.

Damages Can Bring More Problems Than You Realize

If you thought that your property could just sit in a state of disrepair, think again. In the state of Tennessee, there are specific types of damages to a house that can lead to code violations. These violations are enforced to ensure the safety, integrity, and livability of residential properties. Here are some common types of damages that may result in code violations:

  1. Structural Damage: Significant structural damage, such as foundation cracks, severe settling, or compromised load-bearing walls, can lead to code violations. These issues can jeopardize the stability and safety of the entire structure, posing a risk to occupants.

  2. Roofing Issues: Leaking or severely damaged roofs can result in code violations. A compromised roof can lead to water damage, mold growth, and other hazards. Properly maintaining and repairing the roof is crucial to comply with Tennessee’s building codes.

  3. Electrical Hazards: Outdated or faulty electrical systems with exposed wiring, overloaded circuits, or insufficient grounding can be a serious safety concern. Failure to address these issues can lead to code violations and potentially dangerous situations.

  4. Plumbing Problems: Issues like persistent leaks, faulty sewage systems, or inadequate plumbing can lead to code violations. Proper plumbing is essential for sanitation and the overall habitability of a residence.

  5. Fire Hazards: Homes with inadequate or malfunctioning fire safety measures, such as non-functional smoke detectors, faulty wiring, or improper storage of flammable materials, can face code violations. Compliance with fire safety codes is essential for protecting occupants.

  6. Mold and Water Damage: Extensive mold growth and water damage not only pose health risks but can also lead to structural deterioration. Failure to address these issues promptly can result in code violations, as it can compromise the habitability of the property.

  7. Pest Infestations: Severe pest infestations, such as termites or rodents, can lead to code violations. These infestations can cause significant damage to the structure and compromise the safety and sanitation of the residence.

  8. Unsafe Stairs, Railings, or Balconies: Damaged or improperly constructed stairs, railings, and balconies can pose a significant safety risk. Ensuring that these features meet the necessary safety standards is crucial to avoid code violations.

Tennessee’s building codes are designed to safeguard the well-being of residents and protect the integrity of residential structures. Addressing these types of damages promptly and effectively is essential to ensure compliance with state regulations. If you suspect that your property may have any of these issues, seeking the expertise of a licensed contractor or building inspector can help you rectify them and maintain a safe, code-compliant residence. Or, you can just sell the house fast for cash. Believe me, you don’t want more problems because of the differed maintenance on your property. Let us help.

Sell A House That’s Damaged In The Tri-Cities

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We come to see the property, then present you with a fair cash offer.

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Benefits of Getting An Offer From Us:

Cash Advance Before Closing

Need Cash FAST? We can give you the cash even before we close!

Experienced & Caring Team

We’ve been buying and selling homes in the Tri-Cities for many years. We have an amazing team who truly loves what they do and always loves to help people.

Specialized in Buying Homes In Any Situation

If you have a home that you need to get rid of, we'll be happy to buy your home and provide you with an offer to help you move on.

No Repairs or Cleaning Necessary

Sell your home as without needing to clean or do any repairs.

You Choose Your Move-Out Date

Do you need to stay in your home for a bit of time AFTER the closing? We are more than willing to make that happen!

We Can Help You Move & Find a New Home

Need to find a new home to move to before the closing? Can do! We can also work around your schedule to come to your house and make you an offer.

Who Can Take This Damaged House Off My Hands?

We can pay you cash within 10 days of making you an offer on your house. Instead of using financing which adds extra stress and time, we buy houses in cash to make the process go by fast and smooth.

If you want to sell your house fast with no stress, just remember that Favor Home Solutions is the Tri-Cities #1 home buyer! Sell your house without making any repairs today! Call us at (423) 788-8063 to request your no-obligation cash offer.

Seller Pays Zero

No Commissions
No Closing Costs
No Agent Fees

Favor Home Solutions Cares

Fair and Honest

When a Favor Home Solutions team member says they will be there for you, you can trust that they will always be. Even if you’ve had a bad experience selling a home in the past, don’t worry. People who’ve sold their homes to Favor Home Solutions say they felt relieved about how professional, reliable, and straightforward we are when we buy their homes.

We’re all about making the home selling process fast and convenient for you! Call us at (423) 788-8063 or fill out our online contact form, and we will set up an appointment within a couple of days to make you a cash offer on your Tri-Cities home.

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