Top 3 Reasons Why Your Chattanooga, TN Home Won’t Sell

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The average time it takes to sell a home is 90 days, but no one wants to be in the shoes of the homeowner whose house has been on the market for more than 100 days. Nevertheless, factors outside a homeowner’s control can affect the house’s saleability. An unsuccessful sale can be attributed to a combination of factors, such as time of year, condition, location, and sales strategy.

If you have been showing your house over and over with no luck, something isn’t right. Listed below are the three top reasons why your home still has a for sale sign on the lawn.

The Price is Too High

The most difficult part of selling a home is finding the right price, and it can be challenging to receive offers if you set the bar too high. If a house starts with a high price and then drops months later, word of mouth quickly spreads that it is expensive and discourages potential buyers.

The Marketing Strategy Needs Improvement

The digital revolution has made it possible for buyers to access hundreds of listings online. The more effective your marketing, the more likely they are to see your advertisement and become interested in your home. Traffic will not be attracted to poorly-written ad copy, low-quality images, and inadequate information. 

The same is true if your agent isn’t proactive in securing viewings or has poor customer service skills when selling an investment property. Hence, consider revising your current strategy to ensure you’re tailoring to your audience and providing the best experience.

The House Needs Too Many Repairs

It is unlikely that your home will sell fast if it has storm or fire damage, needs a new roof, or requires multiple repairs. When it comes to buying a new property, most people want to be able to move in quickly without having to make significant repairs or worry about a faulty roofing system.

The Best Way to Sell My House Fast in Chattanooga, TN 

If you’ve been waiting for an offer for too long and are ready to move on to the next chapter of your life, Favor Home Solutions is your best choice! As trusted cash buyers in Chattanooga, TN, we’ve helped countless homeowners by providing them with fair cash offers for their homes regardless of their legal or financial status. The best part is that no gimmicks, fees, or commissions are involved.

When you work with us, you can count on us to:

  • Pay all the closing costs
  • Take care of all the necessary paperwork
  • Close on the date of your choice or convenience
  • And more!

We buy houses in Chattanooga, TN, and we’re committed to helping you on this journey in any way that we can. Our reputation and our clients’ trust back us up, so if you’re interested in learning more about getting a free, no-obligation cash offer for your home, contact us today!


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