How to Sell Your House with Tenants in Mississippi

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Selling a house with tenants in Mississippi can be a complex process, as you will need to take into account the rights of your tenants and follow the proper procedures for evicting them if necessary. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the process of selling a house with tenants in Mississippi, including helpful government links and tips, as well as how eviction laws work in the state.

The Process of Selling a House with Tenants in Mississippi

  1. Review your lease agreement: If your tenants are currently under a lease agreement, review the terms of the lease to determine your rights and obligations as the landlord. The lease may include provisions for showing the property to potential buyers, and you may need to provide notice to your tenants before showing the property.
  2. Communicate with your tenants: Before listing the property for sale, communicate with your tenants about your plans and provide them with notice of any showings. Be respectful of their privacy and try to minimize any disruption to their lives.
  3. List the property for sale: Once you have communicated with your tenants and reviewed your lease agreement, you can list the property for sale. Be sure to disclose to potential buyers that there are tenants in the property and provide information about their lease agreement.
  4. Evict tenants if necessary: If your tenants refuse to vacate the property after the sale, you may need to evict them. Follow the proper eviction procedures outlined in Mississippi law, which typically involves providing notice to the tenant, filing a lawsuit, and obtaining a court order for eviction.

Eviction Laws in Mississippi

In Mississippi, landlords must follow the proper procedures for evicting tenants, which includes providing written notice to the tenant and filing a lawsuit in court. The eviction process can take several weeks or months, depending on the circumstances, and tenants have the right to contest the eviction in court. If the court orders the eviction, the landlord may obtain a writ of possession to have the tenant removed from the property.

Helpful Government Links and Tips

If you’re selling a house with tenants in Mississippi, there are several government links and tips that may be helpful:

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