5 Signs A Traditional Home Sale Isn’t Right For You in Louisville, KY

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The traditional sale doesn’t fit every homeowner’s needs. Selling a house quickly and directly in some situations may be more advantageous. 

Though direct sales aren’t always considered by homeowners, they should be. It can be a bit of a gamble to list your house with expensive commissions and no guarantee of a sale date. Here are five reasons why you may want to sell your Louisville, KY, house directly.

You Have A Time Limit For Selling

Choosing a real estate agent may not be the best choice if you want to sell your house as soon as possible or by a certain date. Listed properties can stay on the market for months. Sometimes, a home doesn’t sell at all, forcing the seller to accept a lower offer while paying the agent’s commission. Selling your house directly to a home buyer allows you to get an offer immediately and close in days instead of weeks or months. 

You Have Your Eye on Another Property 

You may want to consider selling directly if you are considering another property, but the purchase depends on the sale of your current property. By doing so, you’ll be able to close quickly, without any hurdles, so you won’t miss out on your dream property. 

You Don’t Want To Spend Money Upfront

Real estate agents often charge upfront fees for listing a house. In preparation for listing the house on the MLS, you will need to clean up the house, make repairs, and ensure it is ready for showings. In addition to marketing, staging, and professional photos, there are often unexpected costs. The worst part is that you may spend all of this money upfront only to lower your asking price if the property doesn’t sell. It may not be worth the effort or expense to list your house on the MLS at the end of the day.

You Have No Time To Deal With Showings or Cleaning

Visitors to your house aren’t always easy to arrange depending on your circumstances. Using the traditional listing process, you will need to present your house in its best light for it to sell quickly. Maintaining a clean house and keeping it ready for showings is essential. Now and then, people will drive by and inquire about the house. Nothing is worse than turning down a buyer because your house is in disarray.

You Don’t Want To Pay Expensive Commissions Or Fees

Here’s the truth. Everyone can win when an agent is great, and the property is right. Nevertheless, it is not always ideal to pay someone 6% of your final sale price to help you. You can save thousands of dollars by avoiding agent commissions and other costs associated with a traditional sale.

We Buy Houses Fast for Cash In Louisville, KY

If selling your home the traditional way doesn’t sound appealing to you, we’re here to help! At Favor Home Solutions, we’re your trusted cash home buyers in Louisville, KY

With us, you won’t have to worry about the hassle and stress of selling your house the traditional way. We can provide you with the cash offer you’ve been looking for to get money in your pocket in as little as ten days! The best part is that we handle all repairs, cleaning, and fees. Contact us today!


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