3 Ways to Sell a House with Code Violations in Louisville, KY

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A code violation is likely to occur when a property has been neglected or suffered damage from a disaster. A building code protects the welfare and safety of the occupants, so a property that is not maintained can get cited and fined heavily.

Moreover, contrary to popular belief, it is not impossible to sell a house that is not up to code. The main concern is whether a buyer can get financing and insurance. Often, mortgage lenders require sellers to resolve issues before closing. Nonetheless, house insurance will be more expensive even if a buyer buys a house “as-is.” There are three ways to sell a house in Louisville, KY, with code violations.

Make Repairs Prior to Listing

Making repairs to your property might be the best course of action if you want your property to sell for the most money. However, it depends on how severe the problem is. Often, simple violations can be fixed inexpensively and quickly. Plumbing and foundation problems, on the other hand, take more time and money to fix. You may want to explore other options if your savings and timeline do not allow for repairs.

Market conditions must also be considered. Buyers who have options can ask for repairs or walk away from a deal.

Offer a Lower Price or Credit

If you cannot make repairs but still wish to list the property, you must disclose all building code violations to the buyer. Most loan types also require an inspection, so if you fail to disclose all issues and a home inspector discovers the truth, the buyer may walk away.

In this case, your closing offer could include a credit or a price reduction where the buyer can use the difference to cover repair costs. Your chances of making a sale will also depend on what kind of violations you commit. There is a good chance that a traditional buyer will not make an offer if the property threatens safety and health.

Sell “As-Is” to a Cash Home Buyer

The best method for selling your home quickly and without spending money on repairs is selling “as-is” to a cash home buyer. While traditional buyers may find properties with problems or code violations unappealing, cash home buyers in Louisville, KY, can provide an upfront cash offer and spare you the time and hassle of fixing up the house to sell.

We Buy Houses in Louisville, KY

Favor Home Solutions has your back if you want to sell my house fast in Louisville. With our help, you can receive a fair and all-cash offer for your property. We do not charge commissions, closing costs, or fees, so you don’t have to spend money on the sale. Best of all, we’ll take your home as-is, so you don’t have to spend a single penny on repairs, maintenance, or cleaning! 

Our process is simple, convenient, and hassle-free. Contact us today to get started!


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